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Lesbian Pillow Talk September 8, 2009

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me: are the cats in?

her: uh-huh.  i checked.

me: thanks


her: crap! the neighbors are lighting fire crackers again.

me: sounds like it.


me: can i have some sheet?

her: you have it all already!  i don’t have any on my side.

me: well i don’t have any either.  oh, wait, there’s a huge wad in the middle.  here, pull this your way.  no, not all of it!  there, that’s better.


her: did you cut the dog’s nails?

me: i forgot.  i’ll do it tomorrow.  did you give them their eye drops?

her: yeah, i did it while you were on the phone.

me: thanks


me: do you want me to go buy a fan for the basement tomorrow?

her: yeah, that would be good.  they’re on clearance at mal-wart.  over by the pet stuff.

me: ok.  do you want risotto for dinner.

her: that sounds good.


her: gentle snore


2 Responses to “Lesbian Pillow Talk”

  1. Costa Says:

    …somehow, its heartening to know that, no matter which side of the fence one lives, in which country, or, as I’m starting to suspect, no matter in which galaxy a being finds him or herself, pillow talk is as scintillatingly exciting for everyone.


  2. Harriett Says:

    Thanks, Costa! You’re so right.

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