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Catch 22 September 25, 2009

So, here I am, unemployed, chronic health problems, no income, no health insurance.  What to do?  Look for a job obviously!

As an indigent, I receive basic health care through the county.  It’s not a lot, but it keeps me alive, and that’s a good thing.

Jobs are very scarce around here.  Our state’s economy is 50th in a nation that’s not doing so well.  A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get an interview for a job in my field.  The work sounds interesting.  They seemed to like me.  They called me back for a second interview.  Looks like they’re going to offer me the job.  What a relief!  It’s only part-time, but it will be great to be working and to have a little money coming in.

But wait, part-time means no benefits.  I won’t be able to get health insurance through this job.  Once I start working, I won’t be eligible for care from the county.  Because of my health status, individual health insurance is only available from the “insurer of last resort.”  It costs much more than I would be making.

Will I have to turn down a job offer in order to have access to health care?   I’ll try to negotiate, but it’s not looking good right now.


More Signs of the Times March 24, 2009

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I unfolded the Sunday paper and pulled out the inserts — gotta check those coupons!  An unusual looking ad drifted off the pile onto the floor.  Curious, I picked it up.  It was an advertisement for the Salvation Army thrift store. To lure new customers, they’re raffleing off two cars and offering a crack at the “treasure chest” of prizes just for walking through the door. Since when does the Salvation Army store advertise?? Apparently since now.

Monday morning, as I was feeding my pets, the phone rang. “Hello…” silence. “Hello!…”
“Hello, this is Major Davis of the Salvation Army inviting you to customer appreciation day at our store on 426 W Jones Ave. …”
I hung up. Since when does the Salvation Army make automated phone calls to advertise their thrift store? Since now, I guess.

What will be next?


Signs of the Times February 2, 2009

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As we slide into Depression, the pundits cite grim statistics daily: 100,000 jobs lost last week, new unemployment claims at an all-time high, Gross National Product down 3.8%.  But I notice more personal signs of the times.

The latest LL Bean catalog mentions what a great value their products are on almost every page, and points out numerous items whose price has not changed since 19xx.  Our jeweler, a family business where we have gotten our watches repaired for many years, has closed.  On television, Rachel Ray is plugging a new program about budget-conscious cooking.  For the first time I can remember, almost every new car advertisement is focused on gas mileage, and dealers hasten to assure the public, “We’ll be here for you, now and in the future.”  Our local public radio station added an extra week of fundraising in January to make up for the shortfall in their usual fall campaign.

Most telling of all;  our local grocery store chain has begun advertising low prices on potatoes, onions, and milk. In Michigan, the Depression appears to have arrived.